About Sieci

Sieci Limited is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company that was established in Tanzania in April 2002 under C.A.P 212. Sieci has its headquarters in Dar es salaam, Tanzania (East Africa) but it is geared towards providing ICT solutions worldwide. Sieci was established by a group of Tanzanian and non-Tanzanian graduates in the fields of Information Technology (IT), Telecommunication, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.


Sieci’s primary aim in ICT is to provide services and solutions to a wide range of customers, from all walks of business. Sieci provides a wide range of solutions, starting from consultations to practical implementations of developed (custom-made) or off-the-shelf products. To complement these activities, Sieci also provides computer training and it hosts an Internet Café. Other services include internet connectivity through Sieci's LAN, secretarial services as well as  telecommunication services.


Sieci believes in challenges, competition and delivery in a timely and cost effective manner. In the modern world of globalisation and rapid changes in ICT, there is no room for hesitation. In order to succeed in the modern business environment, a business must seize an opportunity and act on it before local and global competition wakes up. Sieci believes in working with strategic partners in bringing competitive solutions to the customer. Sieci is also willing to work with or form partnership with local as well as global business partners in the ICT industry.